What worship means at Grace:


Worship is a verb, not something we watch happening in front of us! We all participate - all generations and abilities.

Our worship is rooted in God’s Word, and is Gospel-centered.

We come to worship with our whole selves, expecting that God meets us through the gifts of:

  • Prayer
  • Preaching
  • Sacraments of the Table and Font
  • Music and 
  • Relationships, where we belong to God and to one another. 

As we worship, we acknowledge our local and global community

Our worship helps us experience

  • Gratitude to God
  • A challenge to grow and mature in Christ
  • Comfort in the midst of pain or loss; and
  • Healing and reconciliation, in ourselves and in our relationships

In all of this, we are being shaped and taught to be a living expression of the crucified and risen Christ.

Learn more about worship practices from the ELCA.


Service Times


8:30 am Sunday Worship - with Holy Communion 

(nursery services provided)

10:30 am Sunday Worship - with Holy Communion 

(nursery services provided)

9pm 1st and 3rd Sundays Compline

7am Thursday First Prayer