Worship - Frequently Asked Questions


What's liturgy?

To borrow from the original language, liturgy is "the work of the people." It's the order and flow of the worship service. Congregations (and clubs and organizations for that matter) have a regular order to their meetings. The order itself communicates something, and we believe the pieces of the liturgy also have something to say to us as a community of Christ. 

Can our children take communion?

We want parents and families to feel comfortable in worship. We like to encourage families to come to their own decision about when they would like their children to take communion. For us, as soon as a child can eat and drink bread and juice they are welcome to partake. We trust that they will grow into a deeper understanding of the meaning of communion as they grow in years, which is something we all do as children of God.

Is there a dress code?

No. People come to worship wearing what they feel is appropriate and comfortable.

Do I have to give money if I worship here?

No. Our worship services do have an opportunity to give an offering. People are invited to give financially however they feel led by God, to support the ministries of the congregation. We would rather the people of Grace share from their resources out of gratitude to God, than from a feeling of guilt.